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No. 4  THE LUCY CLARK SCD CLUB (Wendover, Bucks)  Submitted by Elizabeth Mitchell


NEW YEAR JIG (J8x32) 3C (4C set) Maureen Robson RSCDS Book 51

1- 8 1s dance Fig of 8 on own sides (pass 2s RSh to start). 1L ends facing out
9-16 Reels of 3 on sides (1s+2s pass RSh to start). 1L end facing out
17-24 1L followed by 1M dances behind 2L, up between 2s, behind 2M, across set to 2nd place own side (2s step up 23-24)
25-32 1s+3s dance RH across. 2s+1s dance LH across. 1L finishes facing out, ready to start again


THE RUTLAND REEL (R8x40) 3C (4C set) Robert Senior The Sunday Class 1

1- 8 1s Set&Cast 1 place; 1s cross down between 3s and cast up to 2nd place opposite sides
9-16 1s+2s dance Ladies' Chain and end 1s facing down
17-24 Reels of 3 on sides, 1s giving RSh to 3s (6 bars) and 1s+3s ½ turn RH. 23(1)
25-32 3s+1s dance Men's Chain and end 1L facing out with partner ready to follow her
33-40 1L followed by partner casts up and crosses to own side to end
with 1s in 2nd place own sides; 1s+3s circle 4H round to left


THE GENTLEMAN (S8x32) 3C (4C set) Roz Scott Huxley 1986 RSCDS Book 35

1- 8 1s turn 2H and remain in middle facing each other as 2s step up, 1s+2s set (1s advancing and pass LSh to face opposite partner) and dance ½ reel of 4 across with 2s with 1s ending reel giving LH to face down on own side between 2s
9-16 1s dance down to end between 3s and face each other, 1s+3s set (1s advancing and pass LSh to face opposite partner) and ½ reel of 4 across with 3s 1s end giving LH to face up on own side between 3s
17-24 1s lead up to top, cross over and cast to 2nd place and ½ reels of 3 across (L with 2s and M with 3s)

25-32 2s+1s dance Diamond Poussette. 213


JOHN CASS (J5x32) 5C set Peter Avery RSCDS Book 49

1- 8 1s lead down (2s+3s step up 3-4), lead up to 3rd place and turn RH to face 3M with 1L following 1M
9-16 1s, 3M+2M, 4L+5L all in tandem, dance alternating tandem reel on diagonal (1s pass 3M+2M RSh). 1s end facing 4M, 1L following 1M
17-24 1s, 4M+5M, 2L+3L all in tandem, repeat 9-16 (1s pass 4M+5M LSh) 1s end in middle, 3rd place facing down nearer hands joined (1L on Left of 1M)
25-32 1s dance down between 4s, cast behind 5s (4s+5s step up 27-28), 1s pivot turn (R elbow grip) and finish in 5th place. 23451


TRIP TO TIMBER RIDGE (R8X32) 3C (4C set) Linda Henderson Heart of San Francisco and RSCDS Book 52

1- 8 1s turn RH, cast (2s step up) then 1L+2s and 1M+3s dance RH across. 1s end facing 1st corners
9-16 1s dance Corner Pass&Turn with 1st corners, pass RSh and repeat with 2nd corners. 1s pull back RSh to end BtoB in centre facing opposite sides
17-24 2s+1s+3s dance Double Triangles. Bars 23-24 1s petronella turn to 2nd place own sides
25-32 2s+1s+3s circle 6H round and back


MONYMUSK (S8x32) 3C (4C set) Preston RSCDS Book 11

1- 8 1s turn RH and cast to 2nd place (2s step up), turn 1¼ times LH to end 1L between 2s facing down, 1M between 3s facing up
9-16 2s+1s+3s set twice with 1s petronella turning (bars 11-12) to 2nd place opposite sides and all set twice again on sides
17-24 2s+1s+3s circle 6H round and back
25-32 1s dance reels of 3 on sides giving RSh to person on their Right and 1s cross RH to places bars 31-32. 213


MRS STEWART'S JIG (J8x32) 3C (4C set) Frans Ligtmans RSCDS Book 35

1- 8 1s set, 1L followed by partner casts 2 places, 1L crosses (below 3s) and casts up on Men's side to 2nd place facing down while 1M dances round 3L and up the middle to 2nd place Ladies' side facing down
9-16 2s+1s+3s dance Grand Chain, end with 2M and 1M facing out
17-24 2s+1s dance Ladies' Chain
25-32 2s+1s+3s Adv&Ret for 2 steps and 1s turn 1½ RH to own sides


MONTPARNASSE (S4x32) 4C set Ann Dix Reel Friends 3

1- 8 1s and 4s set and cross RH, cast in 1 place (2s and 3s step down/up) and dance LH across ½ way
9-16 All dance RSh reels of 4 on sides and end facing up/down
17-24 All set to facing person on sides and turn 2H, 2s+4s also 1s+3s circle 4H round to left
25-32 2s+4s also 1s+3s dance Diamond Poussette


GLASTONBURY TOR (R8x32) 3C (4C set) Duncan Brown RSCDS Book 47

1- 8 1s+2s set and dance ½ RH across, 1s+3s set and dance ½ LH across
9-16 1s set and cross RH, 1s cast up 1 place and turn LH turn to face 1st corners (pstns)
17-20 1s dance ½ reel of 4 with 1st corners (pstns) and pass left to face 2nd corners, (pstns)
21-24 1s dance ½ reel of 4 with 2nd corners (pstns) and curve right to end 1M between 3s facing down and 1L between 2s facing up
25-32 1M+3s also 1L+2s Set&Link for 3 once, 1s turn RH 1½ times to 2nd place as 2s and 3s dance clockwise ½ way to places. 213

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)



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